Tree Swallows are Readying for Migration South

We have loved watching the tree swallows murmurating and gathering for migration.  They’ve been over by the pond where island kids are doing a one-room schoolhouse during the pandemic, so they’ve had a front row seat to some dizzying acrobatics.   Tree swallows are almost all white on the underside (Barn Swallows, which nest here, have a darker throat) and their tails are squarish in flight.  (Barn swallows have a more pronounced fork in their tail).

After a few days of trying to capture them in flight perfectly, I gave up and asked my friend Craig Watson for some pictures of them perching to demonstrate just how gorgeous they are.  This shows them sitting relatively still.

They’ve been taunting me as I spend hours wrestling with the focus and exposure on my big lens.  I did manage to get a few in flight.