Groundsel is what’s making it look like snow in South Carolina!

In South Carolina, right about Thanksgiving, the air is filled with white fluffy seeds that move like snowflakes, lifting easily on the breeze.  These are the seeds of the female Groundsel Tree.  Also known as consumptionweed, silverling, sea myrtle, and salt myrtle, it’s a valuable wildlife plant for pollinators, birds and more.

During migration, it’s an important nectar source for monarch butterflies, and we may find them in hordes, sipping nectar from the male flowers. There are medicinal uses for this tree too, hence the name consumption weed.

male and female groundsel blossoms
butterflies on groundsel
queen butterfly on groundsel
male groundsel
frog hiding in groundsel
groundsel with frog
female groundsel ready to bloom
monarch in groundsel
buckeye in groundsel