Announcing a new collaboration with Buxton Books!

We are so excited to announce a new collaboration with Buxton Books!  As the first brick and mortar store to sell my book, Island Babies, Buxton is the sort of independent bookstore that all communities need.  And to make it easy to share great reads I recommend, they gave me a virtual shelf on their Bookshop page.  And I couldn’t be more excited: it looks so cool!  If you are buying field guides for the local area, buying through this site keeps more profit in the local booksellers than other online platforms.

So now, I’ll be able to recommend books with some clickable links that just take you right to my bookshelf. This is the actual shelf right behind my desk, so you can see I put all of these into real action.

And if you get a chance, you should check out their downtown store: it’s right on King Street and it has fabulous local options!  They’ll do curbside pickup, and you can order directly and their books come beautifully dressed in brown paper packages tied up with strings.