Robins are everywhere right now, singing and feeding and courting

I’ve been stopped in my tracks several times this week by the amazing cacophony of birdsong!  American Robins are roving all over the island in a huge flock, feeding on berries of palm, yaupon, and eastern red cedar.  Robins, Turdus migratorious, can be found all over North America, migrating in groups to wherever food sources are plentiful.

Robin flocks are often found in conjunction with Cedar Waxwings, but this month the waxwings have been few and far between, although there are large flocks of grackles and blackbirds moving around.  Silent for most of the winter, Robins begin singing when it’s time to pair off and select a mate, cued in by longer daylight hours.  So these are singing and foraging, and it’s really delightful to watch.

Tracking Robin Migration

As we go through February,  Journey North tracks robin migration, and you can enter your sightings and see how it all connects.