Eagles are readying for our 2022 Bald Eagle Nesting Season

Like clockwork, our eagles returned this fall in late August and began defending the nest platform.  They have been spotted all over the island, and I’ve enjoyed watching them raid the Osprey nest next to our house to steal the sticks that the Ospreys gathered last spring.

Last week, I watched an eagle deliver a stick to the platform~ I think it was the male but it was a little hard to tell from the angle.  She fussed at him, moving as if to bite him but not actually doing any damage.  We watched the nest building from the ground below:

These birds have nested here since 2012 at least, and for more information, click here for all the updates from the 2020-2021 season.

That old Osprey Nest is not just for gathering sticks

Often the eagles will bring their food in to the Osprey platform. This was last week at sunset: