Final Book of The Islanders Series will be released June 18

Serving as the nature consultant on the Islanders, Shipwrecked, was an absolute blast, and we’re so excited to see the third book released.  Jake, Lovey and Macon are all set for a great summer on the island, and Jake is determined to captain his own boat.  How will they cope when things go awry?

All three books in this series are set on Dewees Island, and I’ve had the incredible joy of participating in the fun by sharing what I know about the flora and fauna (and lifestyle) of Dewees Island. You can buy or preorder copies of these books on Amazon, or, if you are a resident on the island, we are celebrating with the authors and Buxton will bring some books: fill out the rsvp form in your inbox.

Once the book is released, we’ll add curriculum ideas for middle school teachers, homeschoolers, parents and students to this page, which has activities for all subject areas for the first books.

We even created a nature journal to go along with the books, so kids can follow Honey’s advice for “more green time and less screen time!”