Summer marches on, and while the day takes on a certain sameness, things are changing beneath the surface.  Storms get more intense, and king tides occasionally swamp turtle nests and fields of wildflowers.  Butterflies abound.

Staging for Migration Begins

Mississippi Kites arrive as the cicadas begin to emerge in great numbers, snatching them out of the sky with agility and speed.  These family groups have nested nearby, but are fueling up for migration.  Swallowtail kites do the occasional fly-by on this barrier island, but begin to gather inland and will stage in even larger numbers in Florida.  We make the pilgrimage to see them gather in a huge aggregation.

Tidepools Provide Endless Entertainment

The structures of long dead trees on the beach gather scorched mussels and zebra periwinkles, and play host to a wide variety of other creatures, including squid, bonnethead sharks, and warty anemones.

Deer Sport some Gorgeous Soft Velvet

Armadillos are an incredibly adaptive predator

Since this video was published, we have had at least one armadillo arrive on Dewees Island.  We find them on the trail cameras as well as tracks on the beach.