In July, the animals are winding down the nesting seasons… birds are feeding young, sea turtles have begun to hatch, the rookery is very busy,  alligators are on the move in the dark of night, young coyotes disappear into the sea oats after intercepting turtles, marsh mallows and sea oats begin to bloom.

Summer storms can raise rainbows and blow in all sorts of debris: occasionally a flotilla of Sargassum arrives with other ocean detritus.  In one case a number of young Great Shearwaters washed up with the tide.

Summer beachcombers might find the tracks of adult and baby loggerheads, as well as blooming Beach Morning Glory, live Sand Dollars (with the tiniest pea crabs attached) and bigger gastropod shells with Thin Striped Hermit Crabs.

Meanwhile, on the roads, the reptiles roam...

Frogs and toads take advantage of rainy nights to sing loudly to attract mates and meet in the puddles. Eastern Glass lizards flop their awkward way across the roads.

Clapper Rail Chicks are Occasionally Visible