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Yes, there really IS a Dewees Island!  I get this question a lot from readers of Mary Alice Monroe and Angela May’s best selling Islanders series.  You do get there by ferry, and it is a private island where the entire island sits within a conservation easement.  I live there, and I learn something new about the natural world every time I set foot out my door.  (And sometimes just watching from my porch!) And because it’s private, and the community tries to be sensitive about our impact to the island, visiting is not easy.  But I am happy to chat or pay a virtual visit to your classroom and share some of the amazing animals that call the island home!

Happy to talk Barrier Island Ecology (or other nature!)

Me, in Front of the Camera for a Change

When the Islanders first launched, the Charleston County library came out with the authors and asked me to give them a tour of some of the nature and places featured in the book.