November is a month of big transitions~ it often begins with whispers of late summer and ends with our first deep cold snap.  

Dolphins steal the Show!

Often, schools of baitfish are gathered in the tide rips, followed by pods of dolphins.  Our South Carolina dolphins exhibit some really interesting fishing behaviors that the birds have learned to follow.  Strand feeding is when they push fish up on the banks, but they also circle and slap the water, stunning fish so they can scoop them up easily.  Sometimes the wading birds wait on the shore for them, and we’ve even seen Bald Eagles chase fishing dolphins.  One November, we were investigating the damage done to the beach with a king tide, and we got to watch dolphins surf the waves with joy!

The Groundsel blossoms float on the air

Raptors are Staking their Turf

Great Horned Owls, Screech Owls, and Eagles are all laying claim to good nest sites: these are some of the birds that nest earliest in the year.  You can attract Screech Owls with a nest box.

A resident pair of Bald Eagles has made Dewees Island their home since 2012.  

White Pelicans are Nearby for the Winter

Cold Weather Beachcombing

The winter beach is full of surprises… check out this Ice Cream Cone Worm