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Nature Walks With Judy is a labor of love.  While one-minute nature walks began in the pandemic as a way to provide some virtual nature therapy to friends and family who were stuck inside with the winter lockdown, I have been a nature educator in some form or another for my entire adult life.  My goal is to share my love and sense of wonder for the natural world with as many people as possible, and I treasure your support.  Liking, commenting, and sharing my content helps spread it to the world, and I appreciate you every time you do it.

Buying my books is another way to share my love of nature.  Whether you buy from our website, one of the stores on the right, or Amazon, leaving a good review is another way you can help.

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And if you love getting this content, feel free to donate to the process or buy me a fancy coffee.  I’m pretty much a one-woman show, with a LOT of help from my husband Reggie.  I shoot, edit, script, produce, voice, upload, and do the social media myself.  I am always looking for new camera opportunities (Osprey Cam, Screech Owl Cam), new technologies like micro/macro/timelapse and digiscoping, and good recording and editing tools like microphones and software.

Your donations help make all these videos possible, and hopefully, we’ll be able to offer “in-person” opportunities in the future. 

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Need to cancel an existing donation? You can cancel your financial support at any time, simply send us an email at  I appreciate all of your support: financial and otherwise. We sure hope you’ll keep liking, sharing, and commenting.